Women's Hair Replacement Bramhall

Wigs, hair pieces or intra-lace hair replacement for women - whatever you call them, the ultimate goal for every woman is to have a full head of hair that looks natural and feels great.

We offer a range of women’s hair replacement systems in Bramhall, regardless of whether your hair loss is caused by Alopecia, the menopause or female pattern baldness.

Our systems of Hair Replacement for women are created by combining a fine Swiss or French lace and human hair base. 

As we offer a variety of hair replacement for women, we can advise which system is most suitable for you and provide prices at your consultation.

Women’s hair replacement systems cost will usually start from £500.00.

It very much depends on how you sweat, your diet, your health conditions (e.g diabetes), your exercise regime and which system you are wearing.

We recommend maintenance visits at the clinic every 3-8 weeks.

We advise two systems for every individual so you can rotate each one. You can have a fresh one applied while one is being repaired or maintained. This also helps if you are very active.

Not at all until the bond needs replenishing.

The bond lasts up to four weeks depending on your lifestyle and they are really easily maintained.

We advise two systems for hair replacement for women so you can rotate each one. You can have a fresh one applied while one is being repaired or maintained. This also helps if you are very active.

Once the hair replacement system is applied it is very natural and virtually undetectable.

Yes, once the bonding process has fully developed usually within 48 hours you are able to treat all women’s hair replacement systems as you would your own hair.

Yes, after the bonding process you can swim in your hair replacement for women.

Depending on your hair loss issue we can accommodate many hair styles. Your hair loss technician will advise you on the latest trends and which style will suit you during the hair replacement system consultation process.

At first you may be aware of your new system, but you get used to it very quickly. 

Women's Hair Replacement Systems Bramhall

Ladies Hair Replacement Systems

Stretch Skinvisible

The versatile solution for hair loss in women.

Skinvisible is the ultimate stretchable hair replacement for women which is designed especially for ladies.

It is the most comfortable, undetectable system using the latest clear monofilament skin-like membrane, with human hair expertly implanted one hair at a time, so even up close, it looks just like the hair is growing naturally from your scalp.

Versatile and stretchable, Skinvisible moves with the natural contours of your scalp. It moulds to your head shape without wrinkling or creating bumps and creases.

Akanu Wig Collection

Akanu Wig Collection

At the Hair Rejuvenation Clinic UK we are stockists of Akanu Wig Collection.

Introducing the all new Akanu Wig Collection made of Aderans Cyberhair – a less synthetic and more a technologically advanced hair creation. 

These systems of hair replacement for women come in 5 ready-to-wear fashionable styles along with 6 rooted colours.

Akanu Wig Collection
Akanu Wig Collection

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