Akanu Wigs Bramhall

At the Hair Rejuvenation Clinic UK we are stockists of Akanu Wigs in Bramhall.

Introducing the all new Akanu Collection available in Bramhall

The Akanu Wig Collection is the ideal women’s hair replacement, made of Aderans Cyberhair – a less synthetic and more technologically advanced hair creation. 

Akanu’s wig collection includes 5 ready-to-wear fashionable styles along with 6 rooted colours.

All 5 of the new styles have an M mesh top with a front cut away-soft-French-lace material front ear to ear.

Akanu’s 5 styles are beautifully handcrafted in a comfort cap that is super lightweight and cool. 

When you look at your Akanu style, you’ll see right away that all of the inside seams have been meticulously designed for the smoothest sensitive skin contact without irritation.

Trusting in Akanu’s wig collection, you can depend on the highest quality medical grade cap that looks natural, feels natural, and lasts–no matter what tests the elements may bring. 

Akanu Wig Collection
Akanu Wig Collection
Akanu Wig Collection

Our Akanu wig collection is super easy to put on as they’re ready-to-wear toppers. They can be attached with high quality clips for the ultimate look. 

Start off by flipping the wig inside out. Open a clip and turn it over so the prongs are facing away from you. Then, take a PU strip, remove the backing from it and slide the PU strip underneath the existing plastic on the clip. Once the PU strip is in place, close the clip to lock in the PU strip. Use this method to apply clips around the base of the wig.

Lastly, flip the wig inside out again and place it in the right position on your head and you’re all set!

  1. Begin by detangling your Akanu wig with a wide toothed comb. It’s best to start from the bottom and work your way up to the roots. 
  2. Choose the right temperature for your Akanu wig collection. We recommend lukewarm water. 
  3. Use a gentle shampoo that is designed especially for your wig’s needs. Place a small amount of shampoo in your hands and begin stroking the hair from the roots all the way to the ends. Avoid scrubbing the hair harshly as this could damage the strands. 
  4. After washing out the shampoo, apply a wig-approved hydrating conditioner. Gently comb through the strands with your fingers, avoiding the base of the wig. 
  5. Run cold water through the Akanu wig, making sure all the conditioner has been washed out before you start blotting it dry. 
  6. Use a towel to lightly blot the wig and then leave it on a wig stand to dry. Avoid blow drying and brushing the hair until it’s completely dry. 
  7. Once the wig is dry, you can style it however you’d like.

Lace front wigs such as the Akanu wig collection use a sheer, flesh-coloured lace addition to the front of the wig cap to imitate a soft, natural hairline. 

Lace front wigs are ideal for people who might be anxious about wearing a wig for the first time, for the fear of it looking too bold or unnatural. Lace wigs have been revolutionary in the wig industry over recent years as they offer a solution that melts into the natural hairline. 

Hair Rejuvenation Clinic offers the all new Akanu wig collection — a less synthetic and much more technologically advanced hair creation for all wearers.

The Akanu wig collection is ready-to-wear straight from the packaging with minimal styling needed to fit the look you wish to have! 

After wearing the Akanu wig by attaching clips and adjusting it to your desired look, you can brush out the hair and add any accessories you like. 

A great thing about the Akanu wig collection we stock at Hair Rejuvenation Clinic is that they’re all lightweight with lasting style memory, making it super unique and effortless.

Akanu Wig Collection
Akanu Wig Collection
Akanu Wig Collection
Buttery Blonde Akanu Wig Collection
Buttery Blonde
Beachside Blonde Akanu Wig Collection
Beachside Blonde
Dream Blonde Akanu Wig Collection
Dreamy Blonde
Moondust Silver Akanu Wig Collection
Moondust Silver
Silver Temptation Akanu Wig Collection
Silver Temptation
Velvet Caramel Akanu Wig Collection
Velvet Caramel
Walnut Akanu Wig Collection

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