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Hair Rejuvenation Clinic Bramhall

As an approved Micro Point Hair Clinic and Cyberhair Systems Provider, Hair Rejuvenation UK specialise in the highest quality, non-surgical hair replacement systems and hair loss treatments for men and women.

At the Hair Rejuvenation UK clinic, our non-surgical hair loss solutions are ideal for those who are less confident than they used to be with their hairline.

At our Hair Rejuvenation Clinic based in Bramhall, we offer a solution to your hair loss issues using Laser Therapy, Topical Treatments and revolutionary Non-surgical Hair Transplant and Hair Replacement Systems. 

Genetic male and female pattern baldness, alopecia and thinning hair due to stress, anxiety and other medical factors can have a huge impact on your confidence.

In some cases the risks associated with surgery or medication is enough to stop the the personal pursuit to resolve any hair loss issues.

Micro Point Solutions
Hair Rejuvenation Clinic UK
Hair Rejuvenation Clinic UK
Hair Rejuvenation Clinic UK
Hair Rejuvenation Clinic UK

We’re proud of the results we’ve achieved at our Hair Rejuvenation Clinic in Bramhall, Cheshire

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Low Level Laser Therapy

LLLT is a painless treatment for the prevention and reversal of hair loss. Each session of Low Level Laser Therapy takes just 30 minutes. The amount of sessions required will depend on the extent of your hair loss but for the best results we would normally advise a course of 3 to 6 months treatment, involving weekly visits to the clinic for the treatment. Book your treatment at Hair Rejuvenation Clinic now.


Hair Replacement Systems

At Hair Rejuvenation Clinic, we supply and fit the highest quality custom made and stock system non-surgical hair replacement systems for men and women. A hair replacement system is an instant and guaranteed solution and is suitable for most types of hair loss including hereditary factors, medical conditions, alopecia and chemotherapy. Hair replacement systems provide limitless possibilities in terms of colour, style, density, length and texture.


Micro Point Hair Enhancement

As an approved clinic we can offer this guaranteed advanced non-surgical treatment option where strands of hair fibres are added to your existing hair at the root, making it virtually undetectable. Micro Point instantly adds density and fullness to your existing hairs. Learn more with Hair Rejuvenation Clinic now.


Akanu Wig Collection

At the Hair Rejuvenation Clinic UK we are stockists of Akanu Wig Collection. 5 ready-to wear fashionable styles along with 6 rooted colors.

Akanu Wig Collection
Akanu Wig Collection
Akanu Wig Collection

Strand Builder

Make your thinning hair look thicker with natural Keratin hair building fibers. Strand Builder applies easily to fill in the parts of your hair that you want to look fuller. Simply match your hair colour, and apply before you leave the house. Your hair will look amazing, and turn heads. Learn more with Hair Rejuvenation Clinic now.


Topical Treatments

At Hair Rejuvenation Clinic, we have a range of topical treatments in clinic for both males and females these include Minoxidil, Medicated Shampoo, Vitality Treatments and DHT Blockers.

Wow! From the moment I stepped in to the Clinic for my consultation I was made to feel so comfortable by Lisa and not self conscious at all. Hair loss has been such a hard pill to swallow for me and the moment the system was on my head I immediately felt myself change. My first full day and I can already feel myself feeling so much more confident and happy about my appearance. Lisa is absolutely beautiful inside and out and I couldn’t have asked for someone better to take me on this journey! Thank you Lisa. Highly recommended. Already looking forward to my first monthly pamper!

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